Welcome to my Blog

Welcome to my Blog, a place where I will share ideas, investigate concepts, and post updates related to our Company.  I am new to the blogging world and expect to learn as I go, as I guess we all do.

Our family moved back “to the country” last year where life is simple and living is good. One of the early observations I made, was the sophistication of the communication network that exists in our (and likely every) rural community. Not high-speed-internet-type-network, but rather grapevine-church-bulletin-type-infrastructure. I guess it’s a little ironic I am writing about a communication platform of yesterday when we are moving into web 3.0 tomorrow, and yet it is so interesting to watch people actually talk, and update each other through the simplest of ways. It has also been a refreshing and salient reminder that “connecting” is what “it” is all about.

So here’s my “church bulletin” type update:

I am so proud to report that our Company, EcoBling was a huge hit at the Green Living Show this past weekend. As a new company and new to business in general, I had absolutely no reference point and zero expectations. In reality I did have high hope that I would meet a few people, gather some consumer feedback, test a few products and enjoy some time in the city we love, Toronto.

My hopes were realized and doubts laid to rest. I learned that a mindful, informed and socially conscious consumer base does exist and they love our product-line.  I also learned that corporate Canada is hip to the green and social responsibility movement. We met Executives from two of the big banks, several retailers, foodies, a major car manufacturer and consumer packed goods companies who all probed us, to ensure that we are authentic and a credible socially responsible Supplier. It was both enlightening and comforting to know that purchasing personnel understand what they are looking for and why verifiable sourcing is so important. Enough about that.

We had the privilege of meeting the President of Earth Day Canada, the CEO and President of the Green Living Show, and a major celebrity who can be spotted wearing a few of our pieces. I was privileged to exhibit with Fashion Takes Action (www.fashiontakesaction.com), where President Kelly Drennan assembled a bounty of up and comer eco-designers and a strong presence of seasoned and uber-talented fashion pros. Lorena Santin-Andrade (www.lorenasantinandrade.com) is a designer to follow and meet.  My fortune was realized when we were stationed side by side at the show, as she exudes both a positive energy and possesses a depth of knowledge that somehow is expressed through her creations.

Our company is a manifestation of who I am as a person, which is the first concept I will be exploring today.

Stay tuned!

About EcoBling

EcoBling™ is dedicated to global source and supply of high visibility, durable and value-priced eco-friendly consumer products. Our primary focus is to create high demand products under Socially Responsible; Environmentally Friendly; and Sustainable “eco” and economic practices.
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