Keep on rockin’ in a green world!

Our company is a manifestation of who I am as a person, and what we want to do as a family.

It is fair to say we all have choices and while I cannot profess we are perfect and exemplary in the “green realm”, I will say that we have chosen to participate in the space and intend to become a leader.  We accept and understand the heavy workload that lay ahead.  My intentional choice as it applies to my company, requires us to constantly investigate new and better ways of doing business. Carefully sourced raw materials, consolidating shipments to reduce wasted space, limiting collateral material printing, choosing materials that are ethically sourced and regulated, and leveraging internet to reduce travel and print usage.

The task to be green is daunting but when I take a step back and look into the purpose of the company, the task at hand becomes less daunting and more realistic. In fact the process becomes rather natural and things flow organically (I couldn’t resist the puns).

Net/Net: Always remember your Purpose. Your Purpose will guide you down the right path, no matter how “daunting” the task.

Until next time…keep on rockin’ in a green world!

About EcoBling

EcoBling™ is dedicated to global source and supply of high visibility, durable and value-priced eco-friendly consumer products. Our primary focus is to create high demand products under Socially Responsible; Environmentally Friendly; and Sustainable “eco” and economic practices.
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