Meet Our Friends – Part 2!

This week we are featuring Jennifer Vanroboys-Marsh. Please read on to out a little more about her!

Question 1: What is your profession? Photographer/stay at home mommy to 5

Question 2: Where do you work? (this is an opportunity to promote your workplace or business if you’d like!) Jennifer Marsh Photography, specializing in Newborn Portraiture

Question 3: How did you get introduced to EcoBling?  The kids entered an Earth Ecobling contest & won

Question 4: What’s your favourite EcoBling piece? We love the necklaces, bracelets & rings, love the bright colours, it’s all gorgeous!

And now to get to know you a little better….

Question 5: What is your favourite movie? Where the Heart is

Question 6: Favourite holiday destination? Cottaging

And now something that requires a little more thought:

Question 7: Your ideal dinner guest?
(Can be living or dead, real personal or fictional, but please explain why you have chosen them!) My grandparents & parents, I have 3 Grandparents in their 90′s & late 80′s, my father’s battling cancer, family time’s definitely extra precious & valued.


Thanks for taking part Jennifer, and everyone be sure to check back next week for the next round of willing participants!

About EcoBling

EcoBling™ is dedicated to global source and supply of high visibility, durable and value-priced eco-friendly consumer products. Our primary focus is to create high demand products under Socially Responsible; Environmentally Friendly; and Sustainable “eco” and economic practices.
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