About Us

ColleenMom of 3 & Founder of EcoBling™, Colleen Joy Anderson is devoted to Doing Good, Being Safe and Having Fun!

EcoBling™ is the realization of an entrepreneurial journey that began early in 2009. Eager to develop products that are derived naturally and minimize the impact on our Earth, my husband and I set out to source globally raw materials that could be used in our line. We have secured partnerships with various groups around the world to develop EcoBling™’s line of “earth-inspired” jewelry and accessories.

EcoBling™ is our flagship brand and company name and we are committed to environmental preservation, sustainability and fair trade.

Everything “Green and Good” that EcoBling™ represents is transferred, naturally and intrinsically to the buyers and end-users of our family of products.
Fundamentally and simply: We care about protecting our planet; We respect diversity of, and within global cultures; We are passionate about creating really cool and unique, lasting products.


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