As a T.V. Host and Public Speaker, I am always looking for amazing jewelry pieces as the focal point of my simple wardrobe. When I came across Colleen and her FAB collection of EcoBling™ Jewelry, I was astounded (in fact I was so delighted I asked if she'd like to sponsor the jewelry on my show). The colours are amazing and the fact that it supports the environment, only adds to the enjoyment of the owner. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to wear your jewelry!

Live Your Opti-Mom Life!

Laurel Crossley-Byers, B. A., TV Host - MomU!, Parent Educator, Speaker and Certified Adult Educator




From the very first necklace I saw, I was a lover of EcoBling™. I love the name, the philosophy and of course the stuff!!! I love the chunky, earthy items and feel good about wearing an eco-friendly product. The colours are vibrant and beautiful and I get comments all the time about how beautiful my ring is or how unique my pendant necklace is. Another aspect I love is that much of it is virtually weightless feels like you are wearing nothing at all! EcoBling™ is fun, funky and fashionable all without any harm done to our incredible planet.

Kim Vopni - EPI-NO Canada



Most innovative and fun product line I've seen in a long time. Smart, stylish and refreshing. Especially love the earth friendly sustainability aspect of the products.

Deborah Hill



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